InTraCoM Group - Informationen-Innovationen-Kommunikation


InTraCoM GmbH is a spin off company from Fraunhofer Gesellschaft for applied sciences. Since our foundation in 2000 we consult SME enterprises as well as big sized blue chip companies  in all different branches in new business, business development and new product development challenges. We have a strong focus on all questions of Intellectual Property (IP) Management like research, analyse and valuating of even big sized patent portfolios in an unrivaled short period of time and high quality standards. Our customers see us as an extended workbench, full service provider, coach or consulter. With most of our customers we already have a long collaboration-history, but our operating time can be also short, effective and reasonnable.

Besides the deployment of business fields we also develop the innovative culture in organisations by developing the appropriate communiacation concepts and events for own human ressources, partners, customers. This may i.e. help to put the enterprise to a higher innovative level with a higher and better IP output




We are an independant international service and software provider. We see ourseves as an intersection of consultants, engineering office and software system house. We are used to apply the most modern and practically proven methods and algorithms in order to ensure a maximum of effectiness, efficiency and quality. "Lean" innovation for us is a major approach. For that we provide a strong scientific engangement what is documented by a high R&D budget and proved by many won innovation competitions.




Our service focuses on Intellectual Property search, analysing and valuation - where we gained unrivaled expertise during the past 13 years. But our basis is innovation management and the market driven development of business field, services, products in a short period of time.

Your custmers and your products in always the main spot of our activities because this is what you are earning your money with.