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"The report is really brilliant. The reviews are clearly understandable. ”


Univ.Prof. technology transfer

“I wanted to thank you for the excellent work done on our patent valuation. We appreciated the speed and professionalism of your approach and look forward to working together again in the future.”


COO radio technology company

"Ihre hochprofessionelle Vorgehensweise und Arbeit hat mich sehr beeindruckt.."

CEO Softwareunternehmen

"This was a fantastic professional experience and I will be sure to let all attorneys know about your company for any of their future needs."

CEO construction company

“Thank you for your work on this, the fast speed and high quality is appreciated. The report is exactly what was required.”


Senior Patent Consultant Electronics Group


“I was extremely impressed at the depth of analysis and speed of execution – the outcome of the valuation exceeded even our own initial views, and as a result was a great morale booster for the organization”


CFO battery group

“Thank you for the fast, friendly, uncomplicated and professional cooperation. I will have more patents evaluated by you as soon as the publications are available.”


Managing director of mechanical engineering company


“We obtained several valuation reports on the same patent portfolio with very different results. What was actually paid in the end corresponded to the calculated values from your report.”


Patent manager medical technology company


“It all looks very good, very plausible and very professional what you have handed over to us. ”


Patent manager mechanical engineering company

"We are very happy about the result and the report, I hope we are able to get back with new requests in the future"


Patent manager management consultancy

“Very fast, very professional. As soon as we have further questions in this area, we will get back to you."


Patent Attorney Automobile Manufacturers

“We were very surprised at how quickly an initial impression of the value was which can otherwise only be calculated with a great deal of effort. We were particularly amazed that the sales value was actually within the calculated value range.”


Patent engineer automotive supplier


“We are very satisfied with the patent evaluation result.  If further analyzes should be necessary as part of the due diligence activities, I will get in touch with you again..”

financial services company

"I  have interacted with InTraCoM on multiple occasions professionally regarding IP strategy, specifically with respect to IP valuation and patent portfolio strengthening. The knowledge and research that they have  shared with me from the company's research efforts has been extremely helpful and insightful in helping me to develop my own strategy and valuation work."


Director of Intellectual Property, energy equipment manufacturer

"The values you determined are all very plausible and roughly reflect what we also expected."


Patent Attorney Lamp manufacturer

"During our detailed patent portfolio assessment, I got to know you as an extremely competent contact person."


Patent Attorney Automobile Manufacturers


"Thank you very much for the prompt short research and evaluation. Impressive for me both in terms of time and content.."


Director of Finance 
capital management company

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